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Mr. Rekey is highly specialized in residential and commercial locksmith services. Homeowners and property managers alike will reap the rewards of our competitive pricing and reliable service. Below is a detailed list of the services offered. Type of services may vary depending on your location. If you have questions or need more information about any of our services, contact Mr. Rekey. We are always happy to help.

Residential Rekey Service

Home Lock Rekey

The term "rekey" is the process of removing the inner workings of a lock and replacing them to work with a different key cut. The old key no longer works after a lock has been rekeyed. Rekeying is a cost effective way to change the keys without installing all new locks and hardware. Mr. Rekey is highly specialized in rekeying residential locks. Learn about "The Rekey Special®" by clicking here.

Home Lock Repair

Home Lock Repair

Locks can break or sometimes just stop working. No need to worry, Mr. Rekey will have your locks fixed and in perfect working condition. We can even make sure your current house keys work with the fixed lock.

Sliding Patio Door

Patio Door Locks

Patio doors are high traffic areas and often the lock will fail under heavy use. Worn or broken patio door locks are an easy way in for a burglar. If your sliding patio door lock is old or becoming loose, call Mr. Rekey. We will gladly fix your locks, install "charley bars" and "pin locks" for increased security.

Window Lock installation and Repair.

Window Locks

Worn or broken window locks give intruders easy access you your home. It's a good idea to have us check your window locks during our locksmith service call. If we find any problems Mr. Rekey can repair or replace as many window locks as necessary.

Padlock Locksmith Service


Foreclosures and vacant properties must have secure gates, sheds, pools, and storage areas usually for insurance purposes. Just be sure to tell our customer service representative to secure your property with padlocks during your next locksmith service call.

File Cabinet Lock

File Cabinet and Desk Locks

Losing keys to file cabinets and desk drawers is a pain but Mr. Rekey can help. We can also repair broken locks to keep your documents safe. Contact Mr. Rekey and we will fix or install cabinet and desk drawer locks at your request.

Mailbox Lock Locksmith

Mailbox locks

Mr. Rekey has the knowledge and experience to handle your mailbox locksmith needs. Our professional locksmith will replace your mailbox lock if you have lost your keys or want to ensure you have the only copy.

Emergency Lock Out Service

Residential Lock Outs

Locked out of your house? If so, contact Mr. Rekey Now and we will get you in A.S.A.P. Lock out service available during business hours only.

Rekey Any Home

  • Locksmith Service Call
  • Rekey Up to 6 Keyholes, Including Deadbolts or Doorknobs
  • You Get 4 New Keys
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