A Welcome Message from Our CEO: Introducing the Only Locksmith in the Inc. 5000


A Welcome Message from Our CEO: Introducing the Only Locksmith in the Inc. 5000

Dear valued customers and future valued customers,

I’m really proud to announce the launch of Thinking Outside the Locks, the new blog from Mr. Rekey! The Mr. Rekey team is also excited to announce that we have made it onto the Inc. 5000 list! Not only are we the only locksmithing company on the list, but we may also be one of the few 19 year-old companies to make the list.

Ken Holding the Inc. 5000 List
Ken Jennings holding the Inc. 500 magazine list edition

Why is that Important?

The Inc. 5000 list is mostly populated with new companies who have been around for about 6 years or less. So how did a 19 year-old locksmithing company make it on such a prestigious list? We did so by keeping ahead of the game through innovation and by making it easier for our customers. It’s that simple, and it’s why we’ve managed to become America’s Largest Residential Locksmith.


So, what makes a locksmithing company innovative? It’s a pretty simple profession that’s been around for a long time, but Mr. Rekey has taken a few innovative steps to provide a better kind of service. One of these is a our Key Convenience System, which makes it easier for Property Managers to always know what key goes with which property and even lets us rekey a house to keys already in the manager’s possession. It’s a neat, convenient system that really blows away the messy, cluttered key peg boards of old. Not only is this innovative, but it brings me to my next point on why Mr. Rekey has been so successful: convenience.


At Mr. Rekey, we like to say, “We make it easy for you,” because we really do. We currently offer 6 convenient ways to schedule or order service: online at our Mr.Rekey.com website, customized online forms for our high volume clients, e-mail, phone, fax, and our smartphone app. We are already working towards our 7th method: direct integration within industry standard property management software that will allow managers to automatically have a property rekeyed by us without as much as a call or click! It’s so easy to set up a rekey with us, our customers can place their order from their office or from the beach while on vacation, get an invoice, have peace of mind that the job has been done right, and then pay at their convenience.

We’re Established

Sure, innovation and convenience are great, but in the end our customers are looking for a long-term partner to help them manage their properties. We’ve shown we’ve got the staying power to be there for them over time. Could our customers use a small, local “one-truck chuck” locksmith? Sure, but we bring the kind of peace of mind only an established company can provide. In fact, with our refined processes and record keeping, we’ve already been able to have more than 50 lawsuits against property managers dismissed over the years. How’s that for making it easy for our customers?

19 years in, and still growing like we just left kindergarten! There’s only one national locksmithing company on the Inc. 5000… Mr. Rekey. Stay tuned to our Thinking Outside the Locks blog for more in-depth posts about the innovation, convenience, and award-winning customer service that have got us here and are helping poise us for continued success!

Thrilled to share the journey with you,
Ken Jennings, Founder & CEO, Mr. Rekey

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