Looking over the green trees from Town Center, the iconic Market Street sign above the Cinemark stands out.

Professional Residential Locksmith Services in Conroe, TX

Take a walk down the streets of Historic Downtown Conroe, and you will experience the inviting, eclectic charm that draws people to call this city home. Landmarks like the Crighton Theatre, built in 1934, and the Owen Theatre, built in 1946 as a car dealership and now a live performance venue, represent an admiration for the past, while the growing city embodies a vision for the future.

Mr. Rekey understands the necessary balance of things both old and new, something we practice every day as we rekey and replace locks across the country. We can preserve your existing locks by altering the pins inside, or we can install all new lock hardware depending on your needs. Either way, Mr. Rekey is America’s Largest Residential Locksmith® because we make sure your locks are secure.

Conroe Service from America’s Home Locksmith

Mr. Rekey is a full-service locksmith, and we are happy to do what it takes to meet all of your locksmith needs. The best part about Mr. Rekey’s 5-star customer service is that all of our work is backed by our 100% Workmanship Lifetime Guarantee. Don’t wait to give us a call if you need:

  • Complete lock replacement on all of your exterior doors
  • Your existing exterior keyholes rekeyed, as well as the installation of SPAX® doorjamb screws
  • Locks installed on your window or sliding patio doors
  • Mailbox, filing cabinet, or desk lock repairs
  • To set up a master key system
  • Residential lock-out assistance
  • Electronic keypads installed
  • Repair work on garage door locks
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There is nothing quite like a day at Lake Conroe, but it is hard to enjoy a day on the water when you are busy worrying about who could be in your home. At Mr. Rekey, we work hard to give you Peace of Mind Made Easy® by making sure your home locks are secure for a price you can afford. Stop wondering what could be happening while you are away and give Mr. Rekey a call today.

We Provide Locksmith Services to these Conroe Areas:

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  • The Woodlands, TX
  • Katy, TX
  • Rosenberg, TX

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Why is Rekeying the Best Option for Me?

When it comes to changing the locks on your home, people tend to believe that they will have to completely replace them in order to get new keys and properly secure their homes. There is another option that people either forget or are completely unaware of, and that option is rekeying.

Rekeying is a process in which one of our locksmiths reconfigures the inner mechanisms of your locks so that your old keys no longer work. New keys are cut to match the new configuration, and your old locks are now as good as new. Rekeying is just as effective as replacing your locks, and it saves you the cost and time it would take to install all new hardware. At Mr. Rekey, rekeying is our specialty, so you can rely on us to make sure your locks are as safe as they should be.

The Rekey Special® at $99.99

For the flat, low rate of $99.99, you can have one of Mr. Rekey’s certified locksmith technicians visit your home to provide you with the Rekey Special®. This offer includes:

  • Rekeying as many as 6 of your existing locks, including both deadbolts and doorknobs
  • Cutting 4 copies of your new keys to match
  • Replacing the standard screws used in your doorjambs with SPAX® screws for kick-in resistant doors

Since 1995, Mr. Rekey has rekeyed more than 3 million locks. After 20 years in the business, we have the expertise needed to make your locks secure, and we offer our expert service at an affordable price.

Conroe, TX Locksmith Reviews

Mr. Rekey was amazing! Excellent customer service and friendly. Went above and beyond. Highly recommend.

Roy R.
Conroe, TX

My name is Amy, and had Mr. Rekey came out and re-key my house. They not only called ahead of time to say they would be there in 30 min. They showed up on time and was courteous and professional. It was very quick. Had three doors re-keyed and the smoke detectors checked in 20 minutes. Highly recommend this company. Thanks!

Amy G. 
Conroe TX

Mr. Rekey came to change our locks promptly on time. The tech was friendly and took his time to give extra advice on safety and locks. He helped us secure the front and back door better. Thanks Mr. Rekey!

Thomas H.
Spring, TX

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Mr. Rekey Always Has an Answer

Q: I used Mr. Rekey when I lived in another state. Will I get the same quality of service here in Texas?

A: Yes. Mr. Rekey is America’s Largest Residential Locksmith® and we pride ourselves in offering high-quality customer service across the country. It doesn’t matter where you live, Mr. Rekey is a name you can trust with your home security.

Q: Is rekeying the only way I can have those special screws added to my doorjambs?

A: Not at all. Anytime Mr. Rekey performs a rekeying service OR a lock replacement, we replace your current screws with kick-in resistant SPAX® screws. These 2 ½ inch long screws double the strength of your deadbolt by reaching down to the studs in your door frame, fortifying the lock from the use of excessive force.

Q: How far in advance do I need to call to have a locksmith come to my house?

A: A locksmith should be able to service your home the day you call or the very next business day at the latest.

Conroe Rental Property Code Compliance

  1. Are you familiar with the requirements for rental properties laid out in Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code?
  2. Are you in the habit of rekeying the locks on your property before each new tenant?
  3. Are you aware that keyless deadbolts and door viewers are required for all exterior doors on rental properties?

We recommend you call us at (888) 677-3539 if you could not answer “yes” to all of the questions listed above. Mr. Rekey is knowledgeable about the Texas Property Code, and our locksmiths can make sure your property meets all of the requirements laid out in Chapter 92.

Why Install Keyless Deadbolts or Ring Bolts?

Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code requires all exterior doors on a rental property have a keyless deadbolt or a ring bolt. Both types of locks can be installed by Mr. Rekey, so call on us to make sure your doors have the locks they need to meet the legal requirements.

Mandatory Lock Maintenance and Rekeying

According to Texas law, landlords must either rekey or install new locks on their rental properties between tenants within 7 days of the turnover date. The turnover date is the day on which the tenant begins occupancy. The landlord is also responsible for providing the necessary maintenance or repairs required if at any time a tenant gives notice of a broken, worn, or inoperable lock.

Where Do I Put 3 Door Viewers?

Every external door on a rental property must have a door viewer installed for a property to be in compliance with state law. The front and back doors, as well as the door between the home and the garage, are all required to have a door viewer.

​Learn more about Texas property code at www.texaspropertycode.org

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