The sky is pink and purple as the city lights twinkle in historic Downtown Denton around the illuminated Courthouse-on-the-Square.

Professional Residential Locksmith Services in Denton, TX

Denton is home to the University of North Texas, inspiring a unique cultural diversity and fueling the city with that vibrant energy only found in college towns. The city offers a collection of art galleries, live music venues, and an assortment of places to shop, enjoyable ways for both visitors and locals to spend their free time.

Mr. Rekey doesn’t want you to spend a second of that time wondering about the safety of your home. We service your locks using 20 years of expertise, always keeping your safety as our top priority. Next time you go for a burger and a show on the rooftop of the iconic Lone Star Attitude Burger Co., you can eat your Ready Freddie or your Chili Willie knowing your home locks are Lone Star strong.

Could Someone Kick Down Your Door?

If someone tried to break into your house, would they be able to kick down your door? People tend to rely on their deadbolts to keep their door closed even if their locks fail, but few people realize that there are ways to make their home even more secure by increasing their deadbolts’ strength.

When you replace or rekey your locks with Mr. Rekey, we install special SPAX® screws into your doorjambs, replacing the shorter, weaker screws that are generally used. These new screws are 2 ½ inches long and able to reach all the way to the stud in your door frame. This fortifies the lock, doubling the strength of the deadbolt and literally making it kick-in resistant. Call on Mr. Rekey, so you can leave your home knowing your locks have never been stronger.

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Have you ever misplaced a key? Most people shrug it off and have a new one made without thinking twice, but doing this puts you at risk of a break-in. If you have lost a key, rekeying is the perfect solution for protecting your home. Mr. Rekey can reconfigure the inner workings of your current locks and cut new keys to match. This renders your old keys, including the missing ones, useless. Rekeying makes your home just as secure as replacing your locks would, and it saves you the cost of having to buy all new hardware.

No matter what work you need done, Mr. Rekey services always come with our 100% Workmanship Lifetime Guarantee, upfront pricing with no hidden fees, and 5-star customer service from one of our certified locksmith technicians.

We Provide Locksmith Services to these Denton Areas:

Where can I find a locksmith?

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Denton’s Rekey Special® for $99.99

Denton homeowners can now get the Rekey Special® for the low price of $99.99. For one flat rate, a locksmith will visit your home in order to:

  • Rekey up to 6 of your current keyholes
  • Cut 4 copies of your new keys for you
  • Replace your standard doorjamb screws with 2 ½ inch long SPAX® screws for stronger deadbolts

Mr. Rekey has rekeyed more than 3 million locks since 1995, making us America’s Largest Residential Locksmith® and giving us the expertise we need to make sure your home locks are secure.

How Is Mr. Rekey Servicing Denton?

If your home has locks, then we can service them. Mr. Rekey is a full-service locksmith whose services include:

  • Exterior door lock replacement
  • Rekeying existing exterior locks, including the installation of kick-in resistant SPAX® doorjamb screws
  • Garage door lock installation
  • Installing electronic keypads
  • Residential lock-out response
  • Window & sliding patio door lock repair
  • Setting up master key systems
  • Fixing mailbox, file cabinet & desk locks

Denton, TX Locksmith Reviews

Mr. Rekey was on time, quick and got the job done! I highly recommend going with them if you need to get your house re-keyed. If you are a new home owner, I recommend scheduling your appointment after you actually close on your house and get your keys--it's good practice since you never know what may go wrong during closing to delay everything.

Will N.
Denton, TX

Superior service and great price. Truly enjoyed the technician. He was prompt, courteous, and completed the job quickly. The keys that were made operate the locks smoothly as though they were an original key. Thanks Mr. Rekey!

Amy W. 
Frisco, TX

Mr. Rekey did a great job at my new home changing out the front door locks and rekeying my garage entrance door. Super helpful with all my questions and appreciated them running me through the home automation options available through Mr. Rekey. Thanks again for sticking around as I was 20 minutes late buying the new locks at Home Depot.

James B.
Denton, TX

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When You Ask, We Answer

Q: How will I be able to tell that my locksmith is from Mr. Rekey?

A: We require all of our certified locksmith technicians to wear a company uniform marked with the Mr. Rekey logo. Your locksmith will also arrive in a company car, so there will be no question about whether or not Mr. Rekey sent them.

Q: Does the Rekey Special® include the cost of the service call?

A: You bet it does! The Rekey Special® is an all-inclusive deal. For one low, flat price, you receive up to 6 rekeyed locks, 4 new keys, SPAX® doorjamb screws, and our expert service.

Q: Will I know how much I am going to have to pay before my locksmith arrives?

A: Yes, always. At Mr. Rekey, all of pricing is upfront, so you will always know what your service is going to cost without worrying about any additional fees.

Denton Property Code Requirements for Rental Properties

  1. Do you know if your rental properties currently comply with Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code?
  2. Do you change or rekey all of the locks on your property between tenants?
  3. Do all of the exterior doors on your property have both door viewers and keyless deadbolts?

If “yes” was not the answer to any of these questions, then it is time you gave us a call at (888) 677-3539. The locksmiths at Mr. Rekey know the Texas property code well, and we can help ensure your property’s compliance with state code.

Why You Must Have Keyless Deadbolts

All exterior doors on rental properties in Texas are required to have either a keyless deadbolt or a ring bolt according to state law. Keyless deadbolts are the more commonly used of the two locks, but Mr. Rekey in Denton can install either kind of lock to bring your property up to code.

Required Lock Maintenance and Routine Rekeying

Texas law mandates that landlords must rekey the exterior locks on their rental property between every tenant. This must be done within seven days of the tenant turnover date, the day on which the new tenant begins occupancy of the property. It is also the landlord’s responsibility to repair or replace locks when a tenant gives notification of a broken, worn, or inoperable lock.

Door Viewers: Why You Need Three

Texas property code states that there are three doors in which door viewers must be installed on rental properties. The front door and the back door are usually taken care of, but the door from the home to the garage needs a door viewer as well.

​Learn more about Texas property code at

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