Locks, Etc: Charley Bars & Patio Door Services

Mr. Rekey may be a locksmith company, but you may not have known that we offer several other services to make sure your residential property is safe and secure. It’s not all keys and locks at Mr. Rekey, we also offer services such as window locks, patio door locks, smoke alarms, and more! Our new series titled “Locks, Etc.” is here to highlight one of these other services, and today we’re talking about Charley Bars and Patio Door Services.

Mr. Rekey Locksmith Charley Bar
One type of Charley Bar

Charley Bars

You may be asking yourself, what’s a Charley Bar? Well it’s not one of your local pubs, but it is a great added security measure for your patio door. It’s a pretty simple bar mechanism that is installed in the interior of a sliding patio door. The most common of these is an arm that extends down to be flush against the opposite end of the sliding patio door. This mechanism blocks the ability of the sliding door to be opened in the case of a break in. It’s a great added security measure and we recommend it for most residential properties with sliding patio doors.

Mr. Rekey Locksmith Pin Lock
An example of a Pin Lock

Pin Locks

Pin Locks are a simple yet effective way to add extra security to your patio door. As you can see from image above, they’re also pretty self-explanatory. A pin is installed in the center from of both the sliding and stationary door. Usually most pin locks will come with a chain so they’re not easily lost and stay where you need them the most. It’s a simple solution, but provides a great deal of added security.

Routine Patio Door Lock Maintenance

Patio doors are very heavily traffic areas of most residential properties, so it’s important to have them routinely maintained (especially the locks). Think about it, patio doors get opened and closed a lot and often get slammed when shut. This can cause wear and tear and often times lock failure of the patio door lock mechanism, so it’s important to have a professional perform routine maintenance on them. Mr. Rekey locksmith technicians are capable of installing new patio door locks to replace your old, worn down locks. Our locksmith technicians can also install charley bars and pin locks to add extra security to your patio door.

So what are you waiting for? Give Mr. Rekey Locksmith a call today, or schedule your service online now!

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