Mr. Rekey Makes It Easy for Our Franchisees

Mr. Rekey Service TrainingHow does Mr. Rekey help make it easier for our franchisees to succeed?

When someone chooses to invest in a franchise like Mr. Rekey, they do so for several reasons. Some of the considerations include a proven track records of success, established branding, and ongoing operational and infrastructure support. The key to success for most prospective franchisees is having the organizational support a franchise provides. At Mr. Rekey we provide support through many avenues, but one of our most important source of support is our franchise training program.

We bring our franchisees, city managers, and service managers to our headquarters in Austin, TX for marketing and service training conferences where we go over how they can effectively grow their franchise and how they can provide 5-star service every time. Whereas most businesses fail after about 18 months, according to Bloomberg, Mr. Rekey has been in business for nearly 20 years now, so we know a thing or two about the most effective ways of growing a business. We’ve had a lot of successes, but we’ve also taken our fair share of lumps. With those successes and failures, we’ve found the optimal ways for our unique business model to work and we love to share those with our franchisees because without their success, we fail.

Mr. Rekey Marketing Training What does Mr. Rekey’s Marketing Training offer it’s Franchisees?

Through our marketing training, we offer our Franchisees all the information they need to grow. We offer an education on our company history and brand standards, teach our franchisees how to gain customers through relationship building, provide our franchisees with the ability to order marketing materials, educate them on the use of social media to grow their franchise, and much more. We pack a lot into our training sessions, but we also leave our franchisees with all the information they need to succeed in our online marketing training database so they can also reference back to it if they need a refresher course.

We believe that communication with our franchisees is also important. Many of our franchisees are already experienced in some form of sales and marketing, so if they bring input to the table that may be more effective at growing their franchises than what we currently train on, we love getting feedback on what works for them and how we can implement that throughout the company. This open dialogue with our franchisees helps to not only streamline our training, but it also improves all the other franchises. As the old saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Mr. Rekey Service Training ConferenceWhy provide Service Manager Training?

Our service managers are responsible for ensuring our technicians are knowledgable about their trade and get the job done right the first time. Our service managers and locksmith technicians are also the primary point of contact with our customers, so we also want to ensure certain standards of professionalism. Our Service Manager training lets our service managers know everything they need to make our technicians WOW our customers. We teach them about proper appearance, how to interact with customers, and give them the knowledge they need to provide 5-star service every time.

As with our Marketing Training, our Service Manager Training provides a great way to get feedback from our service managers and technicians. Since they are on the front lines of Mr. Rekey’s customer service efforts, they may know better ways to serve our customers. This feedback provides a great opportunity to learn better ways of serving our customers.

Mr. Rekey Marketing Training ConferenceHow does all this help Mr. Rekey Franchisees?

The most important thing our training does for our franchisees, is that it gets everyone on the same page. When everyone is working with the the same materials and the same support network we’ve established, we gain the ability to measure what’s working and what isn’t, who is performing well and who isn’t, and more. Having everything on the same page gives us the metrics to measure the success of our business, and along with our open dialogue with our franchisees and our comprehensive training, we’ve proven to be quite successful.


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