To Rekey, or Not To Rekey?

Mr. Rekey Locksmith Rekey or Not

Sometimes we’re faced with tough questions in life, but it’s rare a homeowner may ask themselves, “Should I have my home rekeyed?” When considering home security measures, a new or existing homeowner will usually always consider changing their locks and are usually completely unaware of what a rekey is. Lucky for you, Mr. Rekey Locksmith is an expert when it comes to when you should rekey your home or change the locks.

Property Managers and Realtors have long known the benefits of rekeying vs. changing locks. It requires significantly less labor to rekey locks and since all your locksmith is doing is creating a new key cut for your existing lock, it’s much cheaper. Of course there are benefits to changing out your locks as a homeowner. If your existing locks are damaged, it’s always a good idea to change out the locks. Changing locks allows you to upgrade your locks to more modern looks and even allows you to add things like smart locks or keypad lock systems which can be more secure than the traditional lock and key.

Check out this handy flowchart below to see if you should rekey your home or change the locks.

Mr. Rekey Locksmith Lock Change vs. Rekey
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If that’s convincing enough, give Mr. Rekey Locksmith a call today at 1-888-677-3539 or schedule your service online to see what we can do to assist you with your home security needs.

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