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What Is Added Home Lock Security?

While deadbolts are generally adequate protection for your home, the locks may still give way as a result of excessive force that causes the screws to rip out of the door frame. Mr. Rekey, America’s Largest Residential Locksmith®, makes your doors kick-in resistant by using specialty screws that extend down to the studs in the door frame. These 2 ½ inch SPAXⓇ screws are longer and stronger than the standard screw and double the strength of your deadbolt when installed in your doorjamb. Your home security is our top priority, and sometimes the little details can make all the difference.

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Did you know that you can change who has access to your home without a full lock replacement? We can reconfigure the core of your existing locks. Rekeying locks saves you the cost of new hardware and is just as effective as full lock replacement. We call this our way of Thinking Outside the Locks®. Only a new key can turn the rekeyed lock.​

Mr. Rekey gives you a 100% Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee with 5-star level customer service. We want to earn your locksmith business by demonstrating that we offer added value with SPAXⓇ screws, which are included in the one low price of our rekeying service.

Tyler Rekey Special $99.99

The Rekey Special® is our most popular locksmith service at the all-inclusive rate of $99.99 in the greater Tyler metro area. 

  • A Mr. Rekey certified locksmith will visit your property
  • Your old doorjamb screws will be replaced with our kick-in resistant screws
  • Our locksmith technician will rekey up to 6 keyholes
  • You receive 4 new key copies

Other Locksmith Services for Tyler

Our Tyler-area locksmith technicians can also provide:

  • Garage Door Locks & Remotes
  • Sliding Patio Door & Window Locks
  • Electronic Keypad Installation
  • New Lock Installation or Rekeying of Existing Locks
  • Residential Lock-out Assisstance
  • Mailbox, File Cabinet & Desk Locks

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Q&A: How Do We Tailor Our Service to Your Needs?

Q: How can I trust a Mr. Rekey technician to perform quality work?

A: Mr. Rekey 100% guarantees all our services. If we find a problem, we will replace it at no extra cost. Please see the reviews above as an example of the pride we take in customer satisfaction.

Q: What if I only want a few of my locks rekeyed?

A: That is perfectly fine. Our technicians provide personalized service to fit each individual homeowner's needs.

Q: Can all the locks on my house be reconfigured to work with one key?

A: Yes, most of the time. Insert your key into each keyhole on your house. If the key goes in all the way, then all your locks are compatible with the rekeying process.

Rental Property Code Requirements in Texas

  1. Is your investment property up to state code?
  2. Do you rekey or change locks between each tenant?
  3. Do your doors have keyless deadbolts and door viewers?

If you answered “no” or “not sure” to any of these questions, then please call us at (972) 282-9696. Mr. Rekey Locksmith technicians specialize in bringing your locks up to Texas state property code.

Keyless Deadbolts or Ring Bolt Required

It is Texas law that rental properties have keyless deadbolts or ring bolts installed on all exterior doors. Keyless deadbolts are more commonly used than ring bolts. Mr. Rekey of Tyler carries and installs all popular finishes of keyless deadbolts.

Rekeying and Lock Maintenance Requirement

The Texas property code requires that landlords rekey property locks within 7 days of each tenant turnover date. Turnover date is defined as the date a new tenant moves in. Landlords must also repair or replace locks when requested or notified by the tenant that the lock is broken, worn, or inoperable.​

Door Viewers Required

State law that requires a door viewer be installed on each external door, which includes the front door, back door, and even the door from the home to the garage.​

​Learn more about Texas property code at

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