What Exactly is a Rekey?


Rekey is Not a Type of Massage!

Mr. Rekey is America’s Largest Residential Locksmith. We are a full-service locksmith company, but we specialize in what is known as a “rekey.” You may be thinking, “I know locksmiths change locks and provide many other services, but what exactly is a rekey and what is the advantage of rekeying versus replacing my locks?” Have no fear, we’re here to tell you all about it!

What is a Rekey?

A rekey is the process of changing a lock so a different key may operate it. The rekey process was invented in 1836 by an man from New Jersey named Solomon Andrews. It’s a procedure that involves changing the tumbler configuration of the lock that allows a new key to function while the old one will not. The tumbler configuration involves a series of pins that will only allow a lock to open with the correct key inserted. You can get an idea of what this looks like below:

This is what tumbler configuration looks like.
Cross section of a tumbler configuration

What’s the Advantage of a Rekey?

The advantage of a rekey, over a lock replacement, is that a rekey does not involve the laborious and often costly process of replacing the entire lock. It’s only the changing of the pins within the lock so that a only a new key will work. Not only is this cheaper and easier than replacing the entire lock, but it’s also a great safety measure for homeowners, property managers, and realtors looking for the peace of mind that their new key is the only key that will work with that particular lock.

If you’d like to learn more, here’s a great comprehensive video showing the rekey process and the steps involved.

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