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Specialized in Serving Property Managers

We cater our services to your needs as a property manager.

  • Monthly Invoicing – We total your expenses for all services each month on one invoice.
  • Key Convenience System – Never be without the key again!
  • Recreate Any Key – Take comfort knowing we can recreate any key we have ever made.
  • Digitized Record Keeping – If you ever need proof of service we have all your past invoices recorded.

Property Managers have a tough job these days, always having to keep up with their revolving tenants and the status of the investment properties that are in their care. With this in mind, Mr. Rekey is your solution to meeting your rekey and locksmith needs in a timely manner with cost efficiency so that you may focus on overseeing your investments. No one beats our customer service and our prices are competitive, offering a flat rate fee for most single home dwellings.

Our friendly customer service agents are always at the ready to schedule an appointment to rekey your locks, and our expert technicians always arrive on time and in uniform. We also provide additional services such as repairs to file cabinet and desk drawer locks, so you can get more done with one visit.

Special Account Terms for Property Managers

If you're a property manager that's required to rekey house locks often, you will benefit greatly from a Mr. Rekey property manager account. We will streamline your ticketing process so you can spend less time on your locks and more time managing your investment properties. You may also benefit from other Mr. Rekey services that will help bring your property up to code.


We are proud supporters of NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) and are active as an Affiliate Member. By joining NARPM®, you will add stature to your professional profile while increasing your business!

NARPM specializes in the training, education and continuous improvement of Investment Property Managers. Besides being an optimal means of networking within the industry, membership offers certification in standards and practices of the industry, as well as promotion of continuing professional education. With our continuous involvement in this institution, Mr. Rekey is always well acquainted with the latest developments in your field.

Click here to join NARPM and please list Mr. Rekey as your referral.

Rekey Any Home

  • Locksmith Service Call
  • Rekey Up to 6 Keyholes, Including Deadbolts or Doorknobs
  • You Get 4 New Keys
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